There are no ordinary things. -Peter Unger



Welcome to Up Close Creative Co. where you'll find an array of colorful art prints and handmade paper goods designed and created by Jessie Billdt (that's me)! 

Being raised on a small farm I was born into a creative lifestyle. I indulge my curiosity always and never tell myself something can't be done. I taught myself to paint, which teaches me over and over again to slow down and really look at things up close. Especially the seemingly ordinary things that tend to be overlooked and taken for granted.

Hardcover wire bound journals are my signature products. I make each one myself from start to finish, which includes not only creating the smile-producing artwork but also printing, cutting and punching all the pages and covers, then binding them all together.

If you haven't discovered how great journaling is for your mental and emotional well being, or if you want inspiration and ideas to get deeper into the journaling habit you've already started, visit my blog!