Up Close Creative Co. stickers are little things that can make you big time happy! They are just plain fun to use. Putting stickers on anything makes it instantly more cheerful looking.

Use fun, colorful stickers in your planner and it can transform scheduling and making a to-do list from a chore into an experience you look forward to. Try not smiling when you flip through your journal and see cute little stickers on the pages next to your own words and doodles! Put stickers on all of your mailing envelopes and imagine how many people will have an unexpected brighter spot in their day when they pass through their hands.

These particular stickers are tiny works of art created from my original acrylic paintings. They are very bold and detailed, printed on high quality, smooth, matte sticker paper. 

garden vegetables onion carrot radish red pepper stickers sheet with text "shop stickers"